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Tips on making remodeling less stressful


Tips on making remodeling less stressful

Tips on making remodeling less stressful
News from Deseret News:

After: With the help of the professional design-build team, this client received a beautiful exterior upgrade, reaching one of their remodeling goals of enhanced curb appeal.

David T. Price, Renovation Design Group

As difficult as remodeling is under the best of circumstances, imagine trying to complete a project on a house in a different city or state. For instance, a Utah family was transferred to Arizona. The family flew to the new city for a few days and found a house that would do, but with some remodeling. This is a fairly typical scenario for many homeowners, as it is almost impossible to find a perfect house on the market. Usually, there is something to change about any house to make it function well for your family.

The idea was to engage a contractor to remodel the home before the family moved in. Wouldn’t that be great? So, they started the process long distance, b…………… continues on Deseret News

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Reasons to renovate now
News from before summer ends – The Virginian-Pilot:

By Lia Russell
Virginian-Pilot correspondent
© July 31, 2012

SUMMER MEANS long, sunny days and outdoor fun, but it’s those very attributes that make it prime time for starting home remodeling projects, too.

Longer days equal more hours of daylight to work on projects, and because the outdoors holds more opportunities, the family needn’t be stuck inside listening to saws, hammers and drills all day long.

There’s still plenty of summer left in Hampton Roads, but before you start your remodeling or renovation project, consider these additional 10 reasons to remodel this season by home-improvement expert Dan Fritschen, author of “Remodel or Move?”

You’re more likely to be inspired

Summer is a colorful time, with foliage in full bloom and carpets of green grass underfoot. Children are out of school, and there’s a certain energy in the air that inspires positive feelings. People tend to entertain more, and it’s a great opportunity to visit other homes and gain additional inspiration for your own potential remodeling project.

You can cook and eat outdoors

According to Pernille Bjerring, owner of Portsmouth-based Chesapeake Remodel, the most common remodeling projects her company undertakes in Hampton Roads are…………… continues on before summer ends – The Virginian-Pilot

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