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Tax credit and deduction tips for home improvement in 2012


Tax credit and deduction tips for home improvement in 2012

Tax credit and deduction tips for home improvement in 2012
News from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

(ARA) – With the new year under way, you may be thinking about needed home improvements and how you’ll use your credit to fund them. While it’s important to understand your credit before making major home improvement decisions, you should also consider another kind of credit – tax credits for energy efficient home improvements.

For the past few years, the federal government has offered tax credits for certain home improvements aimed at increasing a home’s energy efficiency. While the most popular and generous tax credits, such as the one that allowed you to claim up to 30 percent of improvements such as a new roof or hot water heater, have expired, you can still get credit for other significant energy-efficient improvements.

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Make home-improvement decisions business, not personal
News from Chicago Tribune:

Before homes are listed for sale, most owners make improvements like painting, landscaping, refinishing floors or even remodeling kitchens and baths. Some cost hundreds, others thousands, but all have one thing in common. When they’re done, soon-to-be sellers wish they’d made the improvements long ago.

Picture the moldy linen closet freshly lined with aromatic cedar, the grungy deck power-washed and resealed, the front door repainted and a door bell that rings. How about a shower that doesn’t dribble, a toilet that doesn’t run — fixes for all the little glitches around the house?

That’s part of the picture. The more difficult part is deciding which projects you want most versus which ones make your house most salable. They may be the same. But owners sometimes opt for unique improvements like exchanging closet space for a large sauna. Find a buyer who loves saunas and you’re golden. But if most are looking for storage space in every bedroom your home l…………… continues on Chicago Tribune

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