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Struggling Housing Market Leads To Remodeling Boom


Struggling Housing Market Leads To Remodeling Boom

Struggling Housing Market Leads To Remodeling Boom
News from 10TV:

Recent trends show that the decline in the housing market has resulted in big success for the remodeling market.

Lee Ann and Matt Dunlap tried to sell their home last winter. They would find houses that they liked, but they all needed improvements, 10TV’s Andrea Cambern reported.

“They all needed updates and quite a lot of money,” Lee Ann Dunlap said. “So we decided, ‘Well, let’s take that money and invest it into our own house.’”

The Dunlaps took their home off the market and got to work on their remodel.

According to remodeler Angela Bonfante, the Dunlaps followed a trend that is sweeping the nation.

A Harvard survey found that Americans spent about $ 116 billion on remodeling in a year, the biggest increase in five years, Cambern reported.

Bonfante said that her business has benefitted greatly from the troubled housing market.

“A lot of folks have decided to remodel instead of sell their homes,” Bonfante said. “They a…………… continues on 10TV

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What’s lurking under your remodel?
News from Chicago Tribune:

With painting, papering and other cosmetic projects, you deal with a flat surface of gypsum drywall. That changes on any remodeling project that’s more than skin deep. Open a wall and straightforward jobs become more complicated due to the maze of mechanicals: pipes, wires and ductwork, plus insulation, vapor barriers and framing.

DIYers discover that basic carpentry skills won’t cut it. Now they need a plumber, electrician and HVAC contractor — and a bigger budget. Experienced remodeling contractors can take an educated guess about what might be hidden. But even they can’t be sure until the drywall is removed. I’ve found single 2-by-4 headers instead of two 2-by-6s, disconnected duct lines, extension cord instead of Romex cable and other nightmares.


The unknowns behind drywall can create havoc with estimates. From the contractor’s point of view, work that can’t be pinned down before the job starts has to be accounted for by…………… continues on Chicago Tribune

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