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St. Charles home improvement project in fourth deacade


St. Charles home improvement project in fourth deacade

St. Charles home improvement project in fourth deacade
News from Chicago Daily Herald:

On a sunny afternoon, a spry 69-year-old Cliff McIlvaine is digging in the dirt side-by-side with a crew of workers preparing the ground at McIlvaine’s property for concrete. The stains on McIlvaine’s well-worn blue coveralls and red cap indicate a man who both knows how to work with his hands and who enjoys it.

But in the eyes of St. Charles city officials, McIlvaine is violating more than 33 sections of city code, marking him as more of a stain on his neighborhood. In fact, city officials believe so strongly that McIlvaine is a hazard to himself and the neighborhood that they’ve taken him to court.


The problem isn’t so much that McIlvaine wants to relocate a garage and build an addition to his home. The beef centers on the fact McIlvaine has been working on the project for 36 years — more than half his life — and it still isn’t finished.

To the city, buckets of nails, metal roofing covered with blue tarp, and…………… continues on Chicago Daily Herald
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<p>Geoff phoned. Two projects were in the works. “I’m installing a three-way switch in the newly added bedroom so Ruth can turn the lights on or off from either doorway, and I’m installing an air duct into the room too, since it doesn’t ventilate as well as we anticipated. Can you come over early Monday morning?”</p><p>”I get up about three or four. Are you sure you want to start this early?”</p><p>”Make it about eight.”</p><p>Ruth deserves better, but she’s stuck with Geoff on these home improvement projects. I knew this, so I ‘volunteered’ to get this pair of projects done before the third coming of Christ.</p><p>First, Geoff crawled into the attic to push the new three-wire down to a new box in the new wall. It took three, or five, or perhaps seven tries to stuff the wire to show in the new box hole where I could grab it and pull it down from below.</p><p>”Now we have to take down the fixture so we can connect the wir…………… continues on News Chief
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