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Permit requirements vary for home-improvement jobs


Permit requirements vary for home-improvement jobs

Permit requirements vary for home-improvement jobs
News from San Francisco Chronicle:

Q: Exactly when does a home-improvement job require a permit? If I do a job that requires a permit and I don’t get one, am I in trouble even if I don’t get caught?

A: Most finish work and ordinary repairs can be done without permits. These are too numerous to list, and different jurisdictions have different rules, but examples would be window and door replacement, cabinets and countertops, paint and siding, some fences and retaining walls.

But, generally speaking, anything that you do to your house structurally and most electrical, plumbing and mechanical changes will require a permit and subsequent inspection.

The California Building Code requires that no building or structure shall be erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted or demolished unless a separate permit for each building or structure has first been obtained from the local building department. This is the general rule.

Code requirements vary in different cities and counties around the state, so it’s critical that you check with your local building department. You will want to check city, county and/or town as necessary. See http://bit.ly/18VcV8J for…………… continues on San Francisco Chronicle

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Get Your Home Winter-Ready
News from Idaho State Journal:

(Family Features) – As temperatures dip and snow flakes start to fall, your home will require extra maintenance to keep it in shape throughout the winter. 

Here are a few simple steps you can take to prepare your home for colder weather.

Smart Stock Up: Check shovels, snow blowers and ice scrapers to ensure they are in working order, and replace or repair any that are damaged or worn. Stock your car and garage with appropriate winter supplies (shovels, scrapers, blankets, flashlights, etc.), and don’t forget to keep walkways safe for your family and neighbors with ice melt.

Not all ice melters are effective in melting ice at subzero temperatures, and some melters can harm sidewalks, driveways and vegetation more than others. Some products on the market claim to be pet-safe but actually contain chlorides which can be harmful to pets digestive systems if ingested, and which can be painful or irritating to pets’ paws. Look for a brand of ice melter from a company that validates its ice melter performance claims using third party testing, such as Morton’s line of salt-based and salt-free melters. Also, purchase melters specifically designed to melt in your…………… continues on Idaho State Journal

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