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Kitchen remodeling trends for 2012


Kitchen remodeling trends for 2012

Kitchen remodeling trends for 2012
News from Deseret News:

Published: Friday, Jan. 27, 2012 5:50 p.m. MST

By Ann Robinson and Annie V. Schwemmer, For the Deseret News

Last week we discussed design trends for the whole house. This week we will focus on the 2012 trends for the kitchen.

Kitchen updates rank among the most popular home improvements. The reason: Kitchen upgrades provide an excellent return on the investment, even in a down economy.

While a sluggish housing market and high remodeling construction costs continue to push down remodeling return on investment, a kitchen remodel has stayed relatively steady. A major kitchen remodel still has a 68.7 percent return on investment for the 2011 cost analysis. On a national average, customers spend $ 58,367 for a major kitchen remodel and recoup $ 40,126 in resale values. Keep in mind this figure is a national average, but whole kitchen remodels are expensive.

When you are determining your own return on investment, cost should be in line with the value of the home. To avoid over-remodeling for the neighborhood, real estate professionals recommend setting a budget at 15 percent of the home’s value for specific remodeling projects. They point out that…………… continues on Deseret News

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Tough economic times bring a more subdued approach to kitchen renovations
News from Washington Post:

Kitchen remodeling used to be about showing off.

Yes, the kitchen serves an essential function in providing room for preparing and cooking meals. But during the boom years, this practical space grew as a place for entertaining, doing homework, recharging cellphones and laptops and just hanging out.

A lot of extras got added: Homeowners would fill large kitchens with two dishwashers, two sinks, wine coolers, warming ovens and other extras. They applied wood flourishes in European styles to their cabinets and range hoods and made granite a must-have for countertops. You’d get the money back and then some on resale, the thinking went.

But in these economically stressed times, when home prices haven’t appreciated much, the kitchen remodel has taken on a more streamlined approach to reflect the era.

Top kitchen designers in the area recommend homeowners consider this trend when planning improvements to get the most return on their investments. Their expert advice starts with an efficient floor plan for the kitchen.

“If the layout doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on the appliances and cabinets,” says kitchen designer Nadia Subaran of Aidan Design in Bethesda.

Think inside the box

As the economy has shrunk, so has the size of a kitchen renovation, according to seve…………… continues on Washington Post

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