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Kitchen remodeling: From high end to low


Kitchen remodeling: From high end to low

Kitchen remodeling: From high end to low
News from 9NEWS.com:

KUSA – Summer is the busiest time for home improvement projects and, after a few years of a down economy, it looks like more people will take the plunge in the summer of 2011.
Kitchen remodeling is the number on project that people take on.

It is also the best return for your investment.

You can get as much as an 85 percent return on your money and can cost as little as a few thousand dollars for things like re-facing cabinets and a fresh coat of paint. But all bets are off if you replace appliances and add granite counter tops.

Consumer expert Angie Hicks of Angie’s List says a good rule of thumb is never spend more than 20 percent of your home’s value on any re-modeling job, especially if you are thinking about selling in the next few years.

“Understand exactly what the market is, do they have granite countertops, do they have stainless steel appliances, because the last thing you want to do is price yourself out of the market because that is going…………… continues on 9NEWS.com
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Can you make a living flipping houses?
News from Fox Business:

You’ve seen the successes of people just like you on those reality TV shows Flip This House and Flip That House. With home prices the lowest they’ve been in years and mortgage rates at multi-decade lows, you might be thinking of trying your hand at flipping houses. But how easy is it to buy, remodel and flip a house for a profit, or at the very least, not lose your shirt in the process?

Before jumping into this new business venture, you’ll want to pause and think for a moment about what you are trying to accomplish with this home purchase. Flipping is not the “get rich quick” formula it was just a few years back. In fact, you can easily lose your hard-earned money if you’re not careful and do not know exactly what you are getting into.

However, if you think through your purchase and are disciplined in your approach, residential real estate may be (no guarantees) a way for you to build your wealth over time.

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