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Hurricane Irene causes run on local hardware, home-improvement stores.


Hurricane Irene causes run on local hardware, home-improvement stores.

Hurricane Irene causes run on local hardware, home-improvement stores.
News from CBS 21:
Area residents are rushing local home improvement stores in the area in preparation for Hurricane Irene. Bob Resch, of Bombergers Store in Lititz reports that the store is completely sold out of generators, and is taking a waiting list for rental generators..

“Residents are also looking for lumber, sand, cinder blocks, and sump pumps.”

The store has also seen a run on customers looking for propane fills, flashlights and batteries, and even items such as axes and tree pruning saws as residents prepare for the storm. Resch says the store remains well stocked on these items, but they are going quickly.

 “The next rush will come on Monday when the storm is over, and customers will be looking for tools to clean up.”

Loneneckers Hardware in Manheim reports a similar situation. All of their generators are either already sold or committed to customers

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