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How to stay within your home improvement budget


How to stay within your home improvement budget

How to stay within your home improvement budget
News from LubbockOnline.com:

How to stay within your home improvement budget

Home improvement projects range from small scale undertakings that can be tackled in a single weekend to large remodels that can take several months to complete. While no two projects are the same, every home improvement project demands that homeowners dip into their pockets and spend some money.

Much like the scale of projects varies greatly, so, too, do the financial commitments required of homeowners to make those projects a reality. But no matter the size of the project, homeowners can find ways to stretch their budgets without sacrificing the quality of their improvements.

• Do your homework. Before you decide to make changes, it’s best to do some research into any projects you’re considering. Many homeowners have decided to dive into a project before they fully realize its scope and cost, and going in blind can bust a budget, turning what might have seemed like a relatively simple project into a money pit.

Understanding just what a project entails and how much it’s likely to cost can give homeowners an idea of what they can afford and where they might be able to stretch their budgets. For example, if you want to replace your kitchen countertops but can’t afford engineered quartz countertops, you might be able to find a less expensive alternative, such as…………… continues on LubbockOnline.com

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Home improvement retailer opens store
News from Grand Rapids Business Journal (subscription):

A company that reclaims building materials has opened a local home improvement store.

Odom Reusable Building Materials said last week that it has opened a store in Grand Rapids, at 1029 4 Mile Rd. NW.

The company has operated a home improvement store in Grawn, southwest of Traverse City, since 1998.


Odom sells a range of reclaimed interior and exterior items: doors, cabinets, windows, sinks, flooring, trim, shelving, lighting, bathroom vanities and more.

“We are a ‘dream store’ for do-it-yourselfers,” said Bruce Odom, the store’s owner. “Many of our reclaimed products are ‘rare finds’ that feature a higher level of quality and craftsmanship than new products.”

The company said its prices are “up to 50 percent less than comparable new items.”

Reclaiming process

Odom Reusable Building Materials gets its inventory from donations by homeowners and small businesses, as well as trade-ins.

Trade-in building materials must be in demand, not in surplus and clean — without missing pieces or major damage.

The company also gets its inventory by working with local contractors to remove unwanted building materials from various job sites.

“Our service saves contractors valuable time and expenses,” Odom said. “Hauling and tipping fees associated with the removal of…………… continues on Grand Rapids Business Journal (subscription)

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