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How Much Does A Kitchen Makeover Cost?


How Much Does A Kitchen Makeover Cost?

How Much Does A Kitchen Makeover Cost?
News from Forbes:

Emily Fisher, Houzz Contributor

How much is it going to cost? This inevitably comes up during an initial consultation for a remodeling project, and it is important to address. Architects will usually provide ballpark ranges early on in the process to ensure that everyone is on the same page — after all, both parties need to know if the scope of work is realistic for the homeowner’s budget. A more detailed construction estimate comes later, once a design has been completed.

Let’s look at remodeling a kitchen as an example. The ranges below are based on an architect and builder’s experience in the Louisville, Kentucky, area. Of course, these costs will vary based on locale; a kitchen remodel tends to be more expensive in large metropolitan areas, less expensive in smaller towns and rural areas, and comparable in other midsize cities.

Use the Houzz Real Cost Finder for a kitchen remodel estimate for your area

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