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Home Improvement Workshop Pleases Residents


Home Improvement Workshop Pleases Residents

Home Improvement Workshop Pleases Residents
News from Patch.com:

Agnes Edwards learned a lot from a Home Improvement/Energy workshop hosted by Mt. Airy USA a couple of weeks ago.

Edwards, who lives in a condominium development in Chestnut Hill, went to the workshop in hopes of getting some tips about her own place.

Philadelphia Gas Works officials were on hand, as was Frank Squillace, who works in the Philadelphia Fire Department’s fire prevention division. They talked about ways people can lower their bills and discussed the best methods for people to use to keep a fire from hitting their home. (Space heaters are a big cause of blazes, as are cooking mistakes.)

So Edwards listened. And because she was there, she hopes she can bring some of the knowledge she gained from the event to others. She said she would share some of the information from the meeting with people…………… continues on Patch.com
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News from Salt Lake Tribune:

The only way for the American economy to recover is for the sector that brought about the collapse, the housing market, to rebound. For that to happen, the interests of banks, investors and many politicians must be made subordinate to the national interest.

President Obama is trying but, facing resistance from Republicans in Congress, investors on Wall Street, bankers on Main Street, and even some homeowners on Elm Street, it isn’t happening.

The president cannot order banks to lend more money or command that Wall Street write down the value of millions of mortgages that are underwater through no fault of the individual homeowners. He cannot drag families into refinanced mortgages at rock-bottom interest rates when they might feel that their own interests would be better served by simply walking away from their upside-down mortgages.

But if those things do not happen,…………… continues on Salt Lake Tribune
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