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Home improvement sales going through the roof


Home improvement sales going through the roof

Home improvement sales going through the roof
News from USA TODAY:

Silvestro Conte

Linda Roth Conte and her husband Silvestro recently gave their kitchen a facelift with new cabinets, lighting and countertops.

As the housing market climbs out of the cellar, home improvement sales are through the roof.

Online purchases of home-related goods took priority over back-to-school-spending for families this summer, according to a study released Tuesday from IBM Smarter Commerce.

It’s a trend that’s also driving sales in brick-and-mortar home improvement stores from mom-and-pop hardware shops to Home Depot, which hammered out its highest quarterly earnings report last month in five years at $ 1.5 billion. The home improvement market was big enough in Uniontown, Ohio, for Wayne and Howard Miller to open what they call the largest independently owned hardware store, Hartville Hardware, in July, with a seven-acre retail space.

Outdoor furniture producer Lane Venture has seen its best sales i…………… continues on USA TODAY

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The home improvement store is my second home
News from Red Bank Hub:



I had to force myself to sit down and write my column this week because, as one of the 47 percenters who receives a government handout, Social Security, I would have much preferred sitting in a darkened room bemoaning my victimhood, knowing that I shouldn’t have to do anything that resembles work because it’s the government’s job to provide my housing, and health care, and “you name it,” as Mitt said. As an American, I am, after all, entitled to all that.

But then my wife pulled the covers off and told me to get my lazy keister out of bed because I needed to go over to the home improvement store for another gallon of paint, which, as it turns out, is related to the real subject of today’s musing. (Not my lazy keister, but home improvement projects, and my stunning ineptitude in those endeavors.)

Longtime readers might recall that I’ve written about this shortcoming — my complete lack of skill when it comes to the “manly” art of fixing or building things by hand — many times in the past (personal motto: If you can’t fix it with a hammer, get a bigger hammer).

But while the manifestations of my klutziness have often been amusing in retrospect — like the time I came downstairs in the middle of the night in my underwear and tried to repai…………… continues on Red Bank Hub

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