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Home Improvement: Eco-friendly trends on the Outer Cape


Home Improvement: Eco-friendly trends on the Outer Cape

Home Improvement: Eco-friendly trends on the Outer Cape
News from Wicked Local:

As the price of gasoline keeps rising and we become more and more aware of dwindling supplies of fossil fuels, “green” construction for homes, schools and businesses is gaining in popularity.

And, though initial expenses for eco-friendly building materials — insulation, flooring, trim and paint might be steeper than the often already high costs for so-called normal goods of similar purpose, many environmentalists and experts agree that it might very well be time for a new normal, to redefine our priorities and weigh first-time costs against long-term savings in heating, lighting and other energy considerations.

In fact, nationwide, the green building market was up 50 percent during the two years from 2008 to 2010, and again even more significantly in 2011. According to the National Association of Home Builders, green homes made up 17 percent of the overall residential construction market in 2011, and that number is expected to grow to between 29 and 38 percent of the market by 2016 — a five-fold increase. Industry professionals report an even steeper increase in green home remodeling; 34 percent of remodelers expect to be doing mostly green work by 2016, a 150 percent increase over 2011.

Area merchants, homebuilders, crafts people and homeowners are all keeping up with new trends in design, materials and building concepts.

Jeff Rogers is a l…………… continues on Wicked Local

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Now, here’s a home improvement: The Easter bucket!
News from Inland Valley Daily Bulletin:

Do not get your child or grandchild an Easter basket this year.

Consider the new and improved Easter bucket!

I wish I had a dollar for every great idea my wife comes up with. Last week we were in a big box store (that I will only name when I get a big fat endorsement check!) and she came up with a simple but great thought. While walking through the paint department, she said, “We should make Easter buckets this year instead of Easter baskets …”


Now, buckets aren’t a new idea. I’ve seen beach buckets loaded with beach toys, for example, but I never really considered just eliminating the “play toys” completely and going straight to usefulness.

Baskets have limited use these days. They used to be used for all kinds of things like bringing in eggs from the chicken coop or vegetables from the garden. And, if you watch old movies – like “The Wizard of Oz” – you’ll see baskets on bicycles. I guess the only real use for baskets, in general, is to hearken back to the old days and use them to deliver something that’s supposed to be “homemade.” Nowadays that means muffins or some hand lotions that you get at the store in a shrink-wrapped plastic basket.

That’s right. If you look closely, you’ll notice that most baskets are not made from natural materials anymore; they are made from plastic to look like natural mat…………… continues on Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

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