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Competition rises as home remodeling goes digital


Competition rises as home remodeling goes digital

Competition rises as home remodeling goes digital
News from CNBC:

“At this point we have 130 million projects that we know about people’s homes from across the country from our 3.2 million professionals,” said Matt Ehrlichman, CEO of Porch, which has grown its staff nearly sixfold since its launch and is now moving into a huge new space. “If you’re buying a home, who wouldn’t want to see if there was a new roof that was put on or how much they spent on the remodel, so we’re able to use our data to tell them the story of the home that nobody else can.”

That enormous cache of data has allowed Porch to partner with major companies, including Lowes and Realtor.com, to help consumers find home improvement professionals. Ehrlichman said the firm has raised $ 100 million to date and is “well-capitalized.” It is not, however, without big competition, especially from Houzz, a Palo Alto, California-based company. (The investment arm of Comcast, CNBC’s parent company, owns a stake in Houzz.)

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Can landlord sue tenant for remodeling home?
News from Chicago Tribune:

Q: Five years ago I rented my house to a couple. I stopped by to see them the week they were moving in and was shocked to see the man ripping my kitchen out. He said his wife wanted something newer. He mutilated my kitchen.

As shocked as I was, I had to weigh my decision to evict or let it be and collect rent as long as I could since a new kitchen was going to set me back financially. The decision I made was debatable. He did not respect the lease and broke it many times for other reasons.

Being a senior, I did not want to deal with the tenant any longer, so I gave the property management to my adult son, which only resulted in a hostile relationship between them. The tenant was told many times he is a renter not the owner. I feel he mutilated my kitchen to guarantee his tenancy, knowing I could not rent the house again without remodeling the kitchen. My lease does state no alterations to the property. He has also charged me for work that he never did. The rent is paid late but paid monthly and is up to date. My question is if he ever moves out can I sue him for property damage.

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