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Ask the Plumber: Stuck between a sink and a hard place


Ask the Plumber: Stuck between a sink and a hard place

Ask the Plumber: Stuck between a sink and a hard place
News from Corning Leader:

Q: I have an old cast-iron kitchen sink that needs to be replaced. It is octagonal, and the manufacturer has discontinued this model. I looked into spray-coating and was advised that I would not be happy with the results for kitchen sinks.

Because of the placement of the sink and the surrounding cabinets, I cannot drop in a large rectangular sink to cover the hole. I don’t want to remodel my kitchen at this time. Any other ideas, or am I stuck? — Jack, Ohio     

A: I get a lot of questions like this, and the main lesson is: Always try to use “standard-size” products that can be easily replaced.

Unfortunately, we can’t take you back in time, so I’ll give you some ideas that may help.     

If you’re thinking of remodeling the kitchen in a year or two, I’d stick it out with your old sink until then. Remodeling will give you the best outcome, and the money you’ll spend at that time will not be wasted, since the present sink will…………… continues on Corning Leader
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