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Antioch jumps on home improvement loan bandwagon


Antioch jumps on home improvement loan bandwagon

Antioch jumps on home improvement loan bandwagon
News from Contra Costa Times:

ANTIOCH — Property owners here soon will have another option for financing energy-efficient projects.

Antioch City Council recently voted to take steps that will create an additional incentive for residents to make home improvements that reduce their water and electricity consumption.

Once the city has completed some paperwork, homeowners will be able to install such amenities as heat-reflective roofing, insulation or artificial lawns without having to shell out tens of thousands of dollars upfront or wait decades to recoup their investment through energy savings.

Antioch joins a number of other cities in Contra Costa County that are participating in Property Assessed Clean Energy Programs, a financing mechanism also known as PACE.

Three private California companies work with government coalitions to provide both commercial and residential loans for energy-saving projects that borrowers repay through their property taxes.

The additional line item on a homeowner’s property tax bill is attached to the parcel, meaning that when the house is sold the new owner becomes responsible for the balance of the loan unless the two parties negotiate a different arrangement, according to a staff report by environmental resource coordinator Julie Haas-Wajdowicz.

The setup is an incentive to conserve natural…………… continues on Contra Costa Times

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The technological advancement in home improvement
News from allvoices:

We are fortunate enough to be living in a technology boom. Ten years ago, tech like the iPhone and motion sensor gaming were unthinkable.

The best part of it is that advancements in technology aren’t just isolated to consumer goods — home improvement is now greatly led and influenced by technology. So much so that you can now purchase certain smart home systems that will allow you to turn your bath on from your car on the commute home.

In the following paragraphs we’ll discuss how technological advancements have enabled home improvement projects to push the boundaries and provide homeowners with their dream place to live.

Computer aided design

Gone are the days when an architect had to spend endless hours with a pencil to draft out their ideas and then pick up the hot glue gun to produce a scale model of a structure. No, thanks to technology this can all be done on a computer.

You can design everything from the interior of the home to the actual structure of the building itself. As a result, you have a far better idea of what the finished product will look like.

Let’s face it, a model that looks like it has been made out of materials from the local textiles shop will do but it doesn’t compare to a computer design that allows you to virtually walk-through the building be…………… continues on allvoices

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